A monograph for Jani Ruscica (2013)


91 pages
Graphic design: Kaisa Lassinaro
Texts: John Holten, Malin Ståhl
Copy editing: Trev Wardle
Proof reading: Minna Wood, Nigel Wood
Photographs: Sini Pelkki, Davey Moore/Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, Dublin, Kitcheber-Waterloo Art Gallery, Kitchener CA, Wes Johnston, Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax CA
Print: Finidr, Czech Republic, 2013
Publisher: Arts Council of Finland; FRAME – Visual Arts Finland; Galerie Anhava (Helsinki); Hilary Crisp (London); Otto Zoo (Milan)
ISBN : 978-952-99335-7-0


The publication presents two alternate takes; two commissioned texts taking as a point of departure a selection of works, made between 2007–11, by Finnish-Italian artist Jani Ruscica. The book is accompanied by two booklets; scores for Ruscica’s performative works.